Jumbo lateral

Simple handling of reels from 200 to 800 kg

The lesting success of the Additif “Jumbo” system confirms its advantages as tool for improving the use of large diameter reels. Indeed. The handing of reels that can weigh as much as 800 kg becomes an easy and quick task. An important improvement in productivity is therefore obtained by reducing dead times, thanks to longer real duration and shorter replacement times.

The investment in a “Jumbo” reel holder Additif, will allow you to considerably improve the performance of your production tool.


Made up of two parts :

  • 1 unwinder
  • Set of two reel-holders, with mandrels 6” or 3”

1rst step > Set of two reel-holders, to help prepare one reel whilst the machine is still working.
The reel holder is designed according to the dimensions of European or standard pallet (it depends on the reel diameter) and is used to :

  • transfer the reel from the pallet without using a specific handling
  • transport the reel to the machine with a forklift truck.

2nd step > The unwinder, to be set up behind the thermoforming
machine, for :

  • lateral loading of the reel holder
  • positioning, adjusting, driving and breaking of the reel.


  • Easy and quick setting up on any thermoforming machine, either new or existing.
  • Right-hand or left-hand lateral loading.
  • Exist for ø 800 and ø 1000 reels.
  • In-line positioning under a slicing machine, a belt conveyor or elevator.
  • Optimising space allocation.

Productivity: no more production interruptions and less film scrap.

Hygiene:reduced personnel movement and absence of pallets in the production area.

Safety: easy handling of big reels in total safety.