• Cutting Edge CL953

    Over 1400 CL 953 Coupe edge in service. This reliable, silent, a low maintenance system reduces the volume of your hard or soft edges, avoid downtime, avoid the risk of injuries due to the manipulation of edges (reel and vacuum) and reduce the volume of your waste.

  • Handling

    A full range of handling means for you to safely use large diameter reels of your thermoforming.

  • Jumbo range

    Additive has developed a comprehensive range of Jumbo to meet all settlement issues. For lower and upper films, using coils of Ø 800, 1000 or 1200 with ease thanks to a complete package (Jumbo, truck, quick connection system).

Additive System is a market leader specializing in the manufacture of devices for thermoforming and packaging machines.

We have developed a complete range of products enabling to increase the productivity of your packaging lines and improve comfort and operator safety

All our systems are manufactured in France in our factory Foucherans (between Dijon and Besancon)

Our integrated design office allows for rapid development to meet the demands of our customers.

We cooperate with many manufacturers in Europe and the united state offering our products as an option on their new lines.

The equipment of existing lines is mainly produced by additive system in France and neighbouring countries and ours distributors in other countries.