Edge Cutter CL953

Whether flexible or rigid, reduce the quantity of your edges and save time.

The CL 953 Edge Cutter is an outstanding innovation to increase the productivity of your thermoforming machines. Independent and easy to install, can be adapted to either new or already existing machines.

The investment in a CL 953 Additif, will allow you to improve both the comfort of operation and the performance of your production tool.



  • The synchronisation between the thermoforming machine and the edge cutter is automatic.
  • The two edges have an independent feeding.
  • All the mechanisms of the edge cutter are guarded to avoid contact with the edges.
  • The cutting system, common to the two edges, is placed above the waste bag.
  • The maximum length of the trims is 10 cm .
  • The cutting system is designed to avoid any adjustment.
  • An alarm warns the operator when the waste bag is full.
  • The waste bag can be changed during operation.
  • A signal is sent to the thermoforming machine when the edges are absent, broken or trapped in the chains of the thermoforming machine.


  • Cutting speed: 24 m per minute
  • Maximum width: 54 mm
  • Maximum thickness: 1,200 μ
  • Minimum thickness: 80 μ
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Sound level: 70 db
  • Maximum progression: 750 mm
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  • Retrieves and trims down the edges.
  • Long autonomy.
  • Avoids repeated handling by the operator.
  • Total protection against injuries.
  • Quiet, an extra for performance.
  • Can trim either flexible or rigid film.
  • Senses edge breakage.
  • Reduces time and costs.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Simple and quick installation on any type of new or existing machines.