Jumbo Rear

Ideal when the rear-end of the thermoforming machine is accessible.

This Jumbo system boasts an almost-empty reel detector and support bracket. As a result, the reel can be changed during concurrent operation time. Handling the reels is made easy with a purpose-designed handling cart. Productivity gains are apparent and safety unquestionable as the process continues without interruption.

Install an Additif Système and be sure to optimise you will optimal your production line.


It comprises

  • Unwinder
  • With a small reel support (connected rapidly)
  • Two quick-change mandrels
  • A reel holder (Ref. 730-1107-1)

The reel-holder enables the reel to be transferred (without any specific handling) and the reel to be
transported to the machine. Its edges are specially studied to make reel handling easier.

The two mandrels enable the reel to be prepared in concurrent operation time. When the reel is almost empty, the operator is informed and he can then transfer the small reel (Reel weight with the mandrel, approximately 15 kg), prepare the new reel and to install it in masked time.

The unwinder enables the reel to be unloaded from the rear or the side thanks to the arm opening and its hydraulic lifting system. It positions, drives and declerates the reel.

Option: possibility of selecting the unitʼs location and the direction in which the arm opens.


  • Simple and quick installation on all types of new or operating machines.
  • Rear loading
  • Side loading
  • Load the reel in concurrent operation time.
  • Turn key delivery with a reel transport cart and 2 quick tightening mandrels, 3ʼʼ or 6ʼʼ.

Productivity: prevents interruptions in the manufacturing process (decrease the number of film
changes) and reduces the film scrap (lower and upper).

Health: reduces operator movement and eliminates the need of a wood pallet in production area.

Safety: removes risks related to the handling of large reels and sets operatorsʼ minds at ease.