Jumbo upper film

For Ø 800 reels of 400 kg, 10,000 linear metres, ideal for a thermoformer, a sealer or a Flow Pack machine.

This Jumbo boasts a patented film adjustment system that guides the film as close as possible to the thermoformer without inertia. Regardless of the installation of Jumbo, the operator adjusts the film. Handling the reels is made easy with a purpose-designed handling cart. Productivity gains are apparent and safety unquestionable as the process continues uninterrupted.

Option: The film is changed on an ergonomic connection table allowing a quick and easy connection.

Installing a Jumbo Film Superior Additive System optimises your production line.


It consists of

  • A rewinder
  • A connection table
  • Two quick-change mandrels
  • A reel handling trolley (Ref. 730-1107)

The unwinder allows the reel to be loaded from the side thanks to its hydraulic lifting system. It positions, adjusts, drives and decelerates the reel.

Option: connection table.

The two mandrels allow the preparation of the reel in masked time. When the reel is almost empty, the operator is informed and he can then prepare the new reel, put it in place and make the connection on the table when the reel is finished.

The reel handling trolley allows the transfer (without specific handling means) and transport of the reel to the machine. Its dimensions are specifically studied to facilitate handling of the reel.


  • Simple and quick installation on any type of new or existing machine.
  • Lateral loading of the reel by the operator or on the side opposite the operator.
  • Comes with a reel handling trolley for transporting the reel and two quick-tightening mandrels, 3”or 6”.

Productivity: avoids breaks in the manufacturing process (decrease in the number of film changes),
reduces film losses (lower and upper).

Hygiene: ecreases operator movement and eliminates the need for a wooden pallet in the
workshop. Stainless steel system, washable with a foam gun.

Safety: Eliminates the risks associated with handling large reels, provides working comfort
to the operator.