Reel Handling Trolley

For safe handling and loading your reels

This trolley enables to load at the rear of your Jumbo system. It is equipped with an extension for loading and unloading small reels which is retracted into the control handle.


  • Simple and fast reel handling.
  • Easy-to-handle and ergonomic.
  • Reduces time for film replacement.
  • Loading at the rear of the system.
  • Designed for Ø 800, 1000 or 1200 mm reels (maximum reel width 680).
  • Pull-out extension (for small reel loading and unloading).


Reduces time for reel replacement, helps avoid down time related to difficult maneuvers.


Eliminates risks associated with reel loading, makes the operator's work comfortable.


Construction of stainless steel.
Cleaning is easy with a sprayer or foam gun. (no blind zones).


  • Trolley is made of stainless steel.
  • 2 spinning rear wheels with lock system, polyurethane rim.
  • 2 fixed front wheels, polyurethane rim.
  • Empty weight : 41 kg.
  • Maximum load : 650 kg.